During May I was honoured to be invited to the Animas Sports Weekend held at Loughborough University over three days as one of the Animas Heroes. The weekend is set up by Animas for 50 type 1 delegates who learn from some of the most experienced diabetic medical professionals about how blood glucose can be affected with doing different sports and how different foods will affect blood glucose before, during and after exercise.

The great thing about the weekend is all the delegates then get the opportunity to try out their newly learnt knowledge doing various different sports but within a very safe environment having the medical professionals there to help advise on any issues during their activities.

I had the privilege of doing the Saturday pre evening meal presentation which was an honour to be asked to do in front of a room full of very inspirational people.

It was the second time Animas had invited me as one of their Animas Heroes and although I’d heard most of the information that was given out over the weekend before I still left with so much new information which will only help me get through my next challenge. Another great thing for me is I left the weekend having met new friends for life that I will keep in contact with and share stories with.

The weekend for the delegates is heavily subsidised by the sponsor of the weekend Animas and without their hard work and commitment to running such an inspirational weekend a lot of us would not have the knowledge to share with others with type 1 and our own personal medical care teams.