What’s new in the Riddle Clan household?
My story during the pandemic so far.
My technology that helps keeps me alive.
Flat lining my blood glucose levels over the last 12 hours which included a morning run thanks to my #gifted Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System #dexcomwarrior #gcm #dexcomg6 #rulet1d #doc
What’s been happening since the 6633.
Finishing unfinished business.
Christmas Day scare
Unfinished business to take care of.
My 6633 Ultra experience.
My Spot tracker
Testing my kit in the Cairngorms.
72 miles Great Glen Ultra Marathon.
Animas Sports Weekend
Bingo with my numbers
Back on track after T1D diagnosis
My summer of incentives is up and running
Ice Ultra Marathon: Bad News…
In awe of their determination
The next challenge – ‘The Ice Ultra Marathon’. Brrrrrr!
The cycling mad loon (1982 – 1996)
I didn’t spot the signs
The point I’m trying to prove
Running into the (blood glucose) unknown
Arctic run with type 1 diabetes
Roddy Riddle’s Marathon des Sables – talk
Type 1 hero tackles world’s toughest race