Often people are misinformed about the limitations that type 1 diabetes puts on them and I’ve made it my personal mission to blow those misconceptions out of the water. I was originally told that I shouldn’t exercise, but coming from my international cycling background I wasn’t willing to accept this. When I researched type 1 diabetes I realised that it is controllable if you are willing to control it. It is tricky, but with the help of my insulin pump technology (which is much more flexible than multiple daily injections) I can fine-tune my insulin dose to manage my blood sugar even during intense activity.

Roddy Riddle_140311_0429I am determined not to let my diabetes limit me and I want people to understand that they can ‘rule their diabetes and not let it rule them’. I’ve chosen to take part in extreme activities to highlight what is possible even with type 1 diabetes. I just hope what I do inspires as many people as possible to see that they can take control of their diabetes and perform at their best – whatever their goal.

Taking on these extreme events would not be possible without the right equipment. This includes specialist clothing and footwear, but perhaps most importantly my insulin pump.