mylife YpsoPump – The intuitive insulin pump system.

Ypsomed has set itself the goal of making medical self-treatment a matter of routine for people with diabetes. This is why the development team of the mylife YpsoPump had your needs in mind. The result is an insulin pump which focuses on the essential functions and is easy to handle. It features the best of 30 years Swiss medical engineering.


  • Features the essential functions for easy use
  • Icon-based, language independent touchscreen for intuitive operation
  • Small and light-weight device for discreet and comfortable wearing
  • Pre-filled cartridge for quick and convenient cartridge change
  • Self-filled reservoir for the insulin of choice.
  • Infusion set freely rotates 360° for perfect alignment at all times
  • Bluetooth integration for wireless connection to the mylife Software and mylife App


System and settings


  • Bolus typesStandard bolus, extended bolus, combination bolus and blind bolus
  • Bolus setting range0.1 U to 30 U
  • Bolus increments0.1 U, 0.5 U, 1.0 U and 2.0 U
  • Basal rate2 profiles (A and B), freely programmable by the user
  • Basal rate setting range0.00 U/h to 40.0 U/h
  • Battery1.5 V alkaline battery (LR03), size AAA. Service life typically 30 days of average use (54 U/day; temperature 23 °C ± 2 °C)
  • Pre-filled insulin cartridge1.6 ml
  • mylife YpsoPump Reservoir self-filled reservoir1.6 ml (160 U) 100 U/ml, rapid-acting insulin analogue or regular human insulin.