So what is an Animas Vibe?

I use the Animas® Vibe™? insulin pump which is integrated with Dexcom CGM technology*.

It’s an insulin pump and it’s the first to have Dexcom’s continuous glucose monitoring technology integrated. The pump will do all the things that a good pump does, it will deliver customised basal and bolus insulin and help you calculate how much insulin you need based on your blood glucose or based on the carbohydrates you eat, taking into account how much insulin you have on-board already which is really handy so that you are not forgetting how much insulin is already at work in your body.

You can use the pump without CGM, you can use CGM occasionally or use it all the time, even in the shower as it’s waterproof. I get a reading every 5 minutes. It’s important to know that the CGM is measuring glucose in the interstitial fluid not the blood so you still need to check your blood sugar with a meter before making an insulin adjustment. I use the OneTouch VerioIQ blood glucose meter.

But what’s really useful about CGM is being able to see what’s going on between my fingerstick checks. I could be 6.5 mmol/L and dropping fast, or 6.5 mmol/L and stable, and those two things are very different for treatment. I wouldn’t know which direction my blood sugar is heading, but with CGM I have the other blood sugars around it for context. Basically it’s just a lot more information and that allows me to see how my body reacts to food and exercise and other situations.

It also allows me to catch potentially bad situations early. Thanks to having a reading every 5 minutes I can set alarms to catch when I’m going high or low according to the range that I set. The ranges are colour coded and I can scan through them at a glance.


Arrows going up tells me to get some insulin on board.

A horizontal arrow means I’m staying at that level for a while.

Arrows going down tells me to get some food on board.

I put the sensor on myself and its approved to wear for 7 days which is the longest wear of sensors currently available . The sensor is a tiny flexible wire that goes just into the fatty tissue in at an angle and the information from it is transmitted to the pump so you can see what’s going on.

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* personal disclaimer: I am not funded for CGM use. I am very grateful to have received sponsorship from Animas to allow me to use CGM occasionally, and they gave me a hand with the content on this page.