It’s been too long since I’ve done a blog so I felt it was about time I’ve got more active again on my website, hopefully you enjoy.

Well what a last few months it’s been for me and my diabetes technology, 12 months ago I was lucky enough to have been made an ambassador for Dexcom and they made me a Dexcom Warrior which means I get gifted to use Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. The system allows me to see my blood glucose levels via an app on my phone which via Bluetooth speaks to a tiny sensor attached to my stomach, having G6 has eliminated me having to do any finger prick blood glucose testing due to its real time blood glucose readings. It has allowed me to really control my levels. Another great feature is the hypo alarm which even wakes me up during the night and I’m pretty deaf. You can also share with up to 5 family and friends who could be anywhere that has an internet signal and see what my blood glucose is via the app, this is particularly useful for families who have children going on school trips etc, it definitely eliminates a lot of fear for loved ones when on trips.

Another major change with my technology was on April I had no option but to change my insulin pump due to my Animas Vibe going out of warranty and has been stopped being produced. I was very reluctant to change so took my time choosing what I thought would tick all the boxes for me. I eventually decided on the Mylife Diabetescare Ypsomed pump. Main reason for choosing this pump was it’s size and incredibly impressive light weight body. But now I’ve been using it now for almost 3 months I have completely fallen in love with it and can’t believe I was reluctant to change. The pre filled insulin cartridges and the very easy to use cannula applicator makes doing site changes so easy and doesn’t feel like a chore anymore. The 360 degrees cannula has meant I’ve not ripped any off which used to happen while out running quite often previously. I literally can’t find a single thing I don’t like about my new pump.